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About MOOC as a reflective SPACE

The VWBPE MOOC (Massively Open Online Course) is a “afterglow space” or “work out room” for out- of-conference REFLECTION and “muscle strengthening.”

REFLECTION is a “best practice” IN EDUCATION. Get your teaching muscles buffed! J

Upon reflection, educators may find they experience some of the same frustrations that students face (not enough time to fully process important data). This is especially true after conferences where learning/ideas begin to form, but need time to develop into PRACTICE.

  • Educators may be at different stages in their adoption of virtual world related pedagogy and activities.


  • We may have different skill levels. We may resist change/adoption due to fear more than any other factor.

Zinsser notes that educators’ writing and other skills are not like recipes from a cookbook. How much more so in virtual world education!

How can reflection shed light on and clarify the process of virtual world best practices adoption?

For educators: This would be an easy job if there were no LEARNING involved!

  • Can we do this better within virtual environments? For one thing, our Kinesthetic activities in classrooms AND online environmental options within learning management systems are limited: problematic because this group is the second largest group of learners.
  • “Your body will remember this lesson” (or your avatar as you move it, LOL). Obviously there are benefits In World for visual and auditory learners as well.
  • “We tend to assume that others learn in the same way that we do and are sometimes mystified when explanations or approaches that make perfect sense to us do not click with others. But not everyone absorbs and retains information in the same way, and different students respond to different …strategies” (Ryan and Zimmerelli 55)

True, effective education is not for the faint of heart. Reflection represents “healthy” adoption of best practices IN WORLD and “OUT.”

Join us to reflect purposefully within the MOOC!


Start with Beowulf

The first stanza is from the translation of Beowulf by Liuzza: the second stanza is my own.  Please add your own EPIC lines as you are inspired by VWBPE!

“I shall offer treasures for true daring

Be hasty now, bid them enter

to see this troop of kinsmen all assembled;

and tell them in your own words that they are welcome”

to reap the educational spoils virtually

at VWBPE… let the hero’s journey begin

WoW and beyond.  Take your sword and shield

find  your own way here…