Best Practices – Education in Virtual Worlds and Games

Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Research Warm-up
Objective: Identify and discuss theory and research in virtual worlds


Journal of Virtual World Research, Vol 2. No. 1
Pedagogy, Education and Innovation in Education

VEJ Virtual Education Journal – September Issue

Organizations Sites to Visit:

AERA Applied Research in Virtual Environments for Learning


Field Trip: Find and visit one of the following sites in Second Life:

ISTE Island
CAVE (Community of Applied Virtual Educators)
Virtual Pioneers
EdTech Island

Educator Research Groups and Social Media

ARVEL – Second Life group
ISTE – Second Life group
Virtual Pioneers – Second Life Group

AERA ARVELSIG twitter @arvel

Warm-up Discussion Questions:

What research article did you find the most useful and why?

Identify the key research that has been done in virtual world.

What research do you believe should still be done in the area of virtual worlds education?


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