Week 2 – Machinima


What is Machinima

  • Review Resources/ definitions
  • Establish groups/partnerships to create machinima
  • Monday March 26 – Field Trip to Machinima Monday Theatre on Second Life – 7 PM SL time (Meet on SL at 6:30) Bloggers Hut

The purpose – story – script is central (what’s yours?)

  • Teacher or student created
  • How to – story (narrative, performed, poetry, music video – support for curriculum content
  • Tuesday March 27 Meet at Bloggers Hut in SL at  7:30 SL time
  • Develop  a simple script with your group/partner (don’t take it too seriously, make it fun) Theme is Aliens and Cowboys

The Process

  • Tasks and Roles needed for creating machinima (independently or in a group)
  • Tools and technology for carrying out the tasks
  • Intellectual property
  • Wednesday  March 28 Meet at Bloggers Hut in SL at  5:30 SL time
  • Download appropriate software and determine roles for group partnership

Putting it all together

  • Script – location – actors – costumes – props – animations – lighting – audio (voice, music and sound effects)
  • Capturing video – camera angles – kinds of shots
  • Editing – dubbing audio – adding special effects post-production
  • Thursday  March 29 Meet at Bloggers Hut in SL at  7:30 SL time
  • Work with group/partner to capture video telling that silly Alien-Cowboy story

The debut – sharing the work and reflecting on learning

  • Tips and tricks
  • What worked
  • What was a challenge
  • What needs more time
  • Friday  March 30 Meet at Bloggers Hut in SL at  5:30 SL time
  • Establish an account with Youtube, Vimeo, or Metacafe
  • Offline – post-production (audio and editing)
Saturday and Sunday meetings TBA – as needed.  You may be choose to meet with your group or partner for additional times to do additional video capture.
Sunday night we will meet to share our videos

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