Epic Exquisite Corpse Creative Endeavor via Mass Contributors

Exquisite corpse, MOOC style! Contact Di Lectar or KK Millet in World.

What is “exquisite corpse” as a creative endeavor?

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exquisite_corpse
The history of this “game” reflects how the surrealists got inspiration in artistic downtime.  One legend is that each original surrealist “player” wrote a word, then folded the paper over with no words showing, and the sentence that emerged was “The exquisite corpse drinks its cup of blood red wine.”

In modern versions of the activity, one person starts a poem, sometimes using a line from a famous poem first, and then writing one original line of his/her own.  Then the next person joins in and writes a line or two — sometimes following the same pattern, but often simply writing a line of his/her own.  The writer may look at a bit of text (but not the whole) from the previous lines.  Images can also be added.  Amazingly, in the end, often a surprisingly coherent poem emerges from many writers working in private but connected spaces, in this case, a communal online space.
What I would like to do is start the Epic Western poem with a line from Ed Dorn’s Gunslinger, and then add some of my own, wait for more entries, and come back to move it along.  I’d like to start another one with Beowulf as well.  These spaces could also contain related graphics/images/artwork/symbols/film clips/machinima and would not be limited to text.  As the Brits say, this could be an opportunity/space to be “gobsmacked” with artistic fervor and inspiration.

Dare I say:  Let this be a space for a post-modern epic to grow with mass contributors?


One response to “Epic Exquisite Corpse Creative Endeavor via Mass Contributors

  • areyouhereforawhile

    If you have never considered yourself an artist, but have always wanted to try your hand at it, consider taking your first step into a more artistic realm with the Epic Exquisite Corpse project. This intriguing adventure is essentially an interactive website that can accommodate as many as a million contributors, from first-time to seasoned artists.
    You can drag the page to reveal a huge canvas with an eclectic range of sketched scenes on it. To contribute yourself, all you have to do is click “DRAW” and your own section will appear.

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