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A Virtual Worlds, Games and Education Tour

Be Epic!

Welcome to the Virtual Worlds, Games and Education MOOC (VWMOOC) Portal!

This is where we  did our pre- VWBPE conference warmup. Feel free to think of VWMOOC as an unconference that is happening after the VWBPE conference. While VWMOOC is happening post and pre-VWBPE, it is not owned by VWBPE. An independent group is working on it that will continue after the VWBPE conference.

The conference was held from March 15 – March 17.

So on  March 19th, we start VWMOOC over  at P2P University  – the course is titled, “A Virtual Worlds, Games and Education Course.

Week 1 – Virtual World Exploration and Tours

Week 2 – Machinima

Week 3 – World of Warcraft

Week 4 – Bleeding Edge – What do you consider bleeding edge? What else? Was there something at the conference that you would like to see more of?